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What We Do

Software Development

Our clients trust us to deliver the most complex development projects. Our extensive experience means we can help you all the way from innovation and initial business case creation right through to data migration, system integration and handover to service operations.

Today, engaging customers through applications and cloud-based solutions can keep you level with your competition or can give you a competitive advantage and your choice of partner can determine which. We understand the challenges of creating new services or migrating from inflexible, dated applications and processes to customer- and user- centric, responsive, cost-effective and efficient solutions.

For any organisation embarking on, or working through a digital transformation journey, selecting a development partner who can rapidly create or understand your strategy and work with you to identify your prioritised business requirements is essential.


Working across many sectors and technologies, with experience gained from designing and delivering hundreds of applications, our architects, designers and developers can help you achieve your digital transformation regardless of size, complexity or budget.

Drawing on our wide experience, we can help you innovate the way your people, customers and partners interact with you and each other through the delivery of high-quality solutions, allowing you to dramatically improve customer experience, productivity and outperform your competition.


From web and mobile applications to complex, secure, scalable services that require systems integration, data migration aligned with complex business processes, we can deliver all your needs in a cost-effective way.

We develop solutions that will integrate with both your existing systems. We develop applications so they deliver your strategy and requirements, leaving you with an efficient solution that works for you now and will grow with your needs.

Software Testing

From web and mobile applications to complex, secure, scalable services that require systems integration, data migration aligned with complex business processes, we can deliver all your needs in a cost-effective way.

From strategic consultancy through to the deploying of Agile test teams and experienced across a range of testing levels, methods and sectors, our testing experts apply the most appropriate principles and methods to match your software development lifecycle (SDLC).

We take a context driven approach to each functional testing solution, ensuring the best-fit tools, practices and techniques are employed to deliver against your needs.

We will work with you to effectively plan and incorporate testing into your development lifecycle and product roadmap.

Our project-based strategic test consultancy will ensure you have the right approach, tools and resources selected and in-place to achieve a smooth and successful test delivery.

Our people are talented technologists, who bring with them both the technical knowledge and the independence to give you confidence that your solution behaves as expected. Clients benefit from maximum flexibility with options for onsite, offsite (onshore) or a hybrid delivery model and our expert-led, blended teams mean the necessary skills and capabilities can be employed whilst remaining cost-effective. 

Our Agile Testing service provides strategic consultancy on how you can apply Agile methods to your software testing, helping to embed testing into your software development lifecycle and improve time to market. 

Differentiating between using experts to deliver testing and using tools to automate repeatable tests enables us to add intelligent value and efficiently increase the volume and coverage of testing. Automated testing can be used to perform information-driven and repeatable test scripts, freeing up valuable human resource to use their pattern-based intelligence to identify and deliver meaningful insights for clients. All our solutions are designed to take advantage of test automation.

Project and Programme Delivery

Effective project delivery and change management is essential to get the most from your technology and your people. It’s also critical to ensuring your project is on budget, on time and delivered to a high standard. We have extensive experience of delivering teams that integrate seamlessly into our client's business, take ownership and proactively drive delivery.

Our end-to-end delivery framework means we can support all stages of delivery with a keen eye on understanding the downstream impact. We can support, advise and manage to ensure that the best resources are in place, that uncertainty is managed, timelines are met, change is well-managed, appropriate governance is followed and any issues are addressed quickly and expertly.

While there are many books on good project management, we recognise that projects often don't go by the book. We also have extensive experience of joining failing projects and services and recovering them to deliver a successful outcome.

Managed Service Design and Delivery

You need a partner you can trust to understand you, work with you and solve your problems.

Our end-to-end capability removes the complexity of managing multiple suppliers and gives you a simple, single point of contact for the support of IT and communications.

From providing the simple things to the most complex technical service delivery, our tailored Managed Service frees you up to focus on the business-critical things that drive your performance and make your organisation unique.

We take the time to understand you, using our expertise and experience to design and deliver a solution to fit your needs. Robust, secure, scalable solutions supported by simple commercial models.

Consultancy and Organisational Process Improvement

We design, build and deliver elegant software solutions but this means little if we don't make a difference in how your people can work.

We always work backwards from the change our client needs to make or the problem they need to solve. Implementing a shiny new tool is not the goal; making a positive difference to operational practices which support the organisational vision and strategy is the goal. Our vast experience allows us to work with our clients to understand their organisational processes and to collaborate on driving improvements that can be supported by our delivery practices.

We can also undertake reviews of your delivery and service processes, compare them with industry good practice methods and deliver improvement plans which can unleash the power of your teams or recover under-performing projects and services.

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