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Our Successes

Building a High-Performing Team

An international technology consulting firm delivering a complex portfolio to government and blue chip commercial clients needed to revise its operating model in light of changing client demands following the financial crisis of 2008. This necessitated the definition and implementation of a model driving cost-effectiveness, efficiency, quality and repeatable processes moving away from a consultant-driven delivery model.

We defined the delivery model and led the implementation and rapid growth of a collaborative multi-capability organisation of 150 team members including transitioning managed services and software delivery functions from siloed teams.

We worked with our client to ensure that we understood and cascaded corporate strategy, worked closely with our client's partners and internal stakeholders, restructured the team and developed agile, but integrated, end-to-end processes to improved quality and delivery. We were successful in increasing our client's CSAT scores.


We led the software delivery and managed service functions for an international technology company delivering critical technical solutions to commercial and UK government clients.

The client was set challenging delivery and cost targets for cost reduction and margin improvement. We re-organised processes and personnel across business analysis, project management, architecture and design, software development, quality control, transition-to-live and service delivery and maintenance.

We designed and implemented new processes to improve collaboration, quality and efficiency. These were recognised by successful ISO9001 audits, CMMi accreditation and increased customer satisfaction.


A fast-growing UK technology solution provider had established a solid customer base and was building a small, unstructured offshore digital delivery capability. We were engaged to build the team, improve delivery maturity, encourage a high-performance culture and improve customer satisfaction.

We drove the improvement of agile development and delivery processes required to take the company from start-up mode to a mature organisation and led 120 offshore personnel in Vietnam across digital delivery.

We were accountable for the £10M global digital portfolio and led the UK-based delivery function to increase delivery performance including personally intervening to recover a failed client project.

Organisational Process

An international technology consulting firm needed to revise its operating model necessitating the definition and implementation of a framework to drive cost-effectiveness, efficiency, quality and repeatable processes.

Organisations from the telecommunications, transport and financial sectors and UK government relied upon the services and output from our client.

We implemented a framework of governance and assurance activities through core policies, processes and procedures. This was key to ensuring that we upheld regulatory obligations as well as meeting our client's corporate standards. 

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