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How We Work

Understand the Goals

Throughout our assignment we will ensure that we are always working towards our ultimate goal; this is equally applicable to building and implementing a technical solution, delivering a managed service or intervening to recover a failing project.

The vision, the problem we are trying to solve, the difference we want to make. These will always be at the forefront of what we do, the project priorities and the decisions we will make together.

Work Together

We look to collaborate with all key stakeholders and understand everyone's perspectives, the contribution they can make and the challenges they face.

Understanding and recognising that all stakeholders have a different perspective and respecting those differences maintains a strong collaborative ethic, reduces friction and drives everyone towards the common vision.

Start with Established Good Practice

The Software Development and IT Delivery industry has built a huge collection of good practice. This represents a vast amount of learning. At Sonnetix, we look to use these as a starting point for how we can increase the quality and efficiency of our assignments.

We understand that established good practice is not a 'one size fits all' tool to plug into a project, but we use our experience to tailor that good practice to the needs and culture of our clients.

Plan Ahead

Once we have understood the goals, stakeholders and culture, we can begin to plan towards delivery.

We work on incremental planning at increasing level of detail. We don't over-plan activities in the distance or under-plan immediate tasks. We recognise uncertainty and include this in our plans to minimise surprises.


We take accountability for our work. It isn't done until it is done.

We may delegate, but we don't abdicate our responsibilities.

Respond to Change

Both Sun Tzu and Mike Tyson have famously spoken of plans and we always recognise that plans should adapt to changing environments and goals.

We look to balance our forward planning with the need to respond to change ensuring that we are neither slaves to the plan, nor masking a lack of planning with an overuse of claims to be 'agile'.


At Sonnetix, we know how to 'be agile', we know how to 'do Agile' and we know the difference between the two.

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